Did you know that you can give beyond the price of your ticket? Yes! Each ticket sale directly contributes to each of our eight productions every season, as well as any amount over your ticket price. As a Friend of APT, you become part of our mission. Your generous donation gives life to APT. A typical production budget consists of costuming, hair, makeup and props, paint, set construction materials and royalties. YOU directly affect each production. A special THANK YOU to our generous supporters at

The gift you give makes possible...
Costumes ($150 per actor)
Hair & Makeup $200.00
Props (Hand-held items) $200.00
Paint $400.00
Set Construction Material $500.00 .
Scripts and Royalties for a Non Musical $1,000.00
Scripts and Royalties for a Musical $7,000.00

Over 20,000 audience members attended our productions during the past two seasons. APT is honored to have the continued support of area businesses, organizations, donors, volunteers and audiences. Title Partnerships start at $2,500 and go up to $5,000, and every dollar you provide directly supports the production. Individual donors and thousands of audience members share in the experience of live theater. By becoming a Friend of APT you can directly fund costumes, props and supplies for the many community and student actors!

Annually, more than 700 volunteers, including over 150 community performers, have propelled APT to be recognized as one of the three top live theaters. APT relies on the many front of house volunteers, actors, set builders and support staff who contribute their gifts of wisdom and work freely. To join the ranks of volunteers, please register with APT online at:

Make a one-time or recurring donation to support the fantastic programming at APT. Select and learn more about each support level below:

Season 31 Friends of the Theater: $150-$749
• Season Announcement Event tickets
• Playbill acknowledgement for all Season 31 shows
• Recognition in the Victory Theater lobby
• Cabaret Table naming for Season 31
• Early reservations for your favorite seats
• Complimentary ticket exchanges 24 hours prior to show time
• $2 off Cabaret and Balcony tickets for additional tickets

Season 31 BRONZE: $750
• 2 Cabaret Tables equals 4 Individual Seats for Each Show
• Logo recognition on and social media
• Recognition during pre-show announcements
• $1,500 in-kind product value equals $750 cash value
• Friends benefits

Season 31 SILVER: $1500
• 2 Cabaret Tables equals 4 Individual Seats for Each Show
• Playbill acknowledgement/ad space for all Season 31 shows
• $3,000 in-kind product value equals $1,500 cash value
• Friends and Bronze benefits

Season 31 GOLD: $2000
• 3 Cabaret Tables equals 6 Individual Seats for each show
• $4,000 in-kind product value equals $2,000 cash value
• Friends and Silver benefits

Season 31 Title Partner (Musical): $5,000 (Musical)
Season 31 Title Partner (Play)
: $2,500 (Play)
• 4 Cabaret Tables equals 8 Individual Seats for each show
• Title Partners have title billing for specific show(s) of choice which
will include newspaper advertisements, direct mail
and inside front cover playbill ad for that show(s)
• Backstage tours and cast meet-and-greet upon request
• Friends and Gold benefits

Season 31 Premier Partner: $25,000, SOLD - Dr. Ed and Arlene Wait
• 1 Private Box equals 5 Cabaret Tables for each show
• Premiere Season Partner is recognized for all Season 30 shows in
newspaper advertisements and direct mail
• Playbill back cover ad for all Season 30 shows
• Friends and Title Partner benefits

The needs of production and theater operations are many, and in-kind product donations are welcome. The APT Theater Manager can detail all of our needs and coordinate receipts. Arkansas Public Theatre is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.